At Saint-Sacrement hospital, february 18, 2010, at age of 85, is deceased Louise Lafrance, wife of deceased Robert Poulin . She was living in Québec city. Mother of belovedchildren: Robert (Linda Bédard), Jean (Maria Serignese), Danièle (Vincent Barry) et Pierre; ses petits-enfants : Geneviève, Valérie, Philippe et Ève; her brothers and sisters: Pierre (Madeleine Pilon), Claire (deceased Wassily De Krokhaleff), Claude (Madeleine Dussault), deceased Odette (deceased Ted Lawrence), Jean (Jocelyne Heack); her brother and sister in law from Poulin family: Madeleine (deceased Gérard Langlois), deceased Jean-Paul (Thérèse Hamel), deceased Rita (feu Léo Parent), deceased Jacqueline, Lucille, Gertrude (feu Augustin Gignac), many nephews & nieces, cousins and friends.





Circa 1955



At 4 years old
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at Montmorency Falls
circa 1950



Family at Cavendish
(IPE) 1968


July 21 2007
birthday party (84 years )



All family with
grand children



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