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Tell Your Life’s Story: Souvenir pages you can build yourself or we can build for you.

Free trial + get the Professional Editor at the price of the Basic Editor($10) + some design support included in the $199 designer service.

Promo is valid until January 15 2018

USA & International — Choose Option

For anti-piracy and anti-hacking prevention, the free trial works by reimbursement in the next 14 days if you are not satisfied.

As you’ll have access to publishing web pages & email, asking for a reimbursable payment allow to prevent non serious and harmful usage of an account.

See pricing table below for feature comparaison.

*Eternity Club: Means a good portion of your paid cost is invested in a non for profit fund dedicated to maintain the site for thousands years and if we do extra money it will be given to charities(cancer, alzheimer etc.)
** On-Site means pictures or video that you upload to our server. Off-site pictures are uploaded on other album space site like (Flicker, DropBox, Google Drive, MS One-Drive…). In this case instead of uploading a picture you provide the URL like -do not forget to make your folder public.
***  You can NOT put advertisement on your page or redirect to other site other that your personal picture providers as mentioned on the preceding point(**).  In order to protect everyone from hackers we must pass all free pages through a review approval before being published.