Written Documentation Guide

Guide on how to use the Basic Free Editor

The Professional editor guide will be sent to you when you order the the professional version of Designer service.


Our Background images libraries

To use our images of Nature, flowers, etc.. for an homage section, access our background Images Page

Adding Youtube videos:

You can add youtube videos by adding in your text or code module a url address like below between a youtube bracket. Just remove the 2 X in red as they have been added to prevent the video from being played in this page. If you specify autoplay=true, the video will start as soon as the page is displayed.

[youtubeX width=300 height=200 autoplay=false][/youtubeX]

Note that you can just use the Id pink instead of the full url address.  You can also use the Id of a playlist containing multiple videos and they will play one after the other.  Read on how to create a playlist on youtube

Suggestion: Unless it is an ambiance soft music, some people do not like to be have an audio at autoplay=true if they look at the page at the office for example. It is up to you to decide judging by the type and age of your audience and what the deceased would have like. ps: The autoplay=true will start even if the include this link at the end of the page.

Adding Audio(.mp3) file:

You are allowed to upload one audio file in the Media Gallery. You can then use the Audio module as explained in the tutorial. Or you can use the shortcode(bracket) like below:  Remove the X in red when you paste it and replace with the link you prefer.

This short code display only play and pause button
[Xsc_embed_player autoplay=false loops=”true” volume=”50″ fileurl=”link to your .mp3 uploaded file”]

This shortcode display play/stop + volume & ffw slider
[Xsc_embed_player_template1 autoplay=false loops=”true” volume=”50″ fileurl=”link to your .mp3 uploaded file”]